Jessica Thivenin shares striking video on Instagram

It’s not uncommon to see social media star Jessica Thivenin using filters galore. On her Instagram account, she revealed “the scam” by revealing the difference between her face naturally and with a filter.

Jessica Thivenin is now used to criticism about her physique. Followed by six million subscribers on Instagram, the young woman regularly shares her daily life. And she does not fail to post pictures of her where her subscribers often do not recognize her. Often criticized for its excess of scalpel, the Marseillaise had given a violent rant: “Everyone does what they want with their life, with their body. If tomorrow I want to have an implant placed in the middle of my forehead in the shape of a horn, I will, whether you are happy or not. The main thing is that I’m happy with what I’m doing”.

What a scam!

Saturday November 27, Jessica Thivenin wanted to test new filters on his Instagram account. In video, the reality TV candidate slightly revealed her natural face, then used a filter. She then shared her impression: “Filters what a scam! Even the make-up elsewhere”. And no need to tell him you don’t like his face. La Marseillaise has nothing to do with it: “If you don’t like my face stop looking at it, you just unsubscribe. I still find it quite incredible to waste time criticizing people. Get busy! “ But if Jessica Thivenin doesn’t care about the remarks about her physique, the reviews about her children made her react immediately.

Virulent criticism

Upset by the violent and sometimes cruel remarks on her children, Jessica Thivenin has unveiled a preview of what she can receive on Snapchat. Reviews that go so far that the influencer has decided to show her daughter Leewane less than Maylone: ​​“It is because of this kind of message that I show my daughter less than my son. I’ll try to show it to you a little more. I have been making efforts for a week. But the reviews of children upset me. I also read that Leewane had Down’s syndrome”. His eldest son Maylone is not spared by the Web, on the contrary: “Since Maylone was little, I’ve had them all. Maylone is autistic, unsociable… Maylone is here, Maylone is that […] After Maylone, it’s too late. In 20 seconds of snap, people allow themselves to say anything and everything”. An exhibition not easy to live with …

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