Jessica Thivenin presents on Snapchat only for the money?

Jessica Thivenin is still at the heart of a controversy! Indeed, the star is accused of being on Snapchat only for the money!


Hard blow for Jessica Thivenin! The reality TV star has received numerous critiques on the Web. Indeed, Internet users accuse him of using Snapchat only to make product placements. We tell you everything!

Jessica Thivenin is addicted to social networks! Indeed, the darling of Thibault can’t help but display his private life on Snapchat. We can then follow his daily life via the famous social network.

The pretty blonde is not afraid to get entrust to its subscribers. She talks about all her days and often talks about her little problems.

But that’s not all ! Jessica Thivenin also uses Snapchat to share her tips. It is therefore not uncommon to see content sponsored in his videos.

However, Internet users do not always subscribe to product placements. Some even clashed with Jessica about it!

The young mother received hundreds of critiques after talking about a brand. According to them, the star is on Snapchat only for the agent. A reproach that Thibault’s darling did not appreciate!

Jessica Thivenin presents on Snapchat only for the money?

Jessica Thivenin recarde her haters and pushes a rant!

Jessica Thivenin pushed a rant on the Web. Indeed, the star wanted to restore the truth! She thus recarded her haters by declaring: “quote>” I received comments which made me laugh, telling me: “she shares with us only her promo codes and basta”. This is not true! “.

The pretty blonde then declares: ” I share my whole life with you. You live everyday with me. I shared with you all the days of my difficult pregnancy, my hospitalization, my son’s problems. I do not understand ! “.

Like what, Jessica Thivenin does not intend to let her haters ! So let’s hope that his rant puts an end to this controversy!

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