Jessica Thivenin back on social media and at the hospital for Maylone, she reveals the reasons (VIDEO)

While Maëva Ghennam, Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina left Marseille for a special reason, a few days ago, Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti visited Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia in Dubai. But, since then, Maylone’s parents have been absent from social networks and no longer gave signs of life. After the concerns of Internet users, the couple reappeared and decided to give their news. The Marseillais candidate explained on her Instagram account that her absence was due to yet another hospital stay for her son. It states: “We haven’t swapped since the day before yesterday because we left the hospital and we’re still there. Maylone is doing a lot of tests, a lot of things. (…) see his brain, that of the heart… He did everything because we find him a little weird, he drools, he coughs, he makes noises (…) So we’ve been testing everything for two days and that’s why we don’t take our phone“.

It specifies: “We come back today normally, but there, they still want to add us a test maybe tomorrow, but we asked if we could not do it again today because suddenly, they keep us for life and we feels like we never go home again! “ Then, Jessica Thivenin adds: “Well, we did the last check-up, it was the electrodes, he had a lot of stuff stuck in his head with a lot of cable going into a computer (…) and it was good too”. Before continuing: “We have to wait until Maylone grows up for him to get better, for the noise to stop, for the illness to stop and for everything to go back to normal because there, it’s a bit complicated, they told us during all the first year. That’s children with esophageal atresia “. Then, Maylone’s mother concludes: “But, he’s fine! He is happy, he laughs with all the doctors, he talks …”. So that’s reassuring news! Also, in the rest of the TV news, discover the big decision that Milla Jasmine, soon to be married to Mujdat, made …


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