Jessica Bickers with Elsa About Reyna, Irvan Confuses His Identity Revealed, Al Suspectes Security Guard: A Bond of Love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond will be back tonight 1 November 2021 at 19.45 WIB on RCTI (if there is no change in broadcast hours).

Upcoming episodes may still review about Jessica will tell the photo of his niece that is Reyna to Elsa.

For those of you who don’t have time to watch soap operas Love Bond Last night, here’s a review of the previous episode’s story along with predictions for the next episode.

In the previous episode, Andin then Om Irvan arrived home and found Kiki who was panicking because Mama Rosa didn’t answer when she called and knocked on the bedroom door.

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The sound of the vacuum seemed to have been deliberately lit to make it faint. The perpetrators fled from different places.

Omg as usual Irvan pretended to be a hero and broke down Mama Rosa’s door to make sure it was okay.

Then after being broken into it turned out to be true that Mama Rosa was in a state of unconsciousness with her mouth closed and her hands tied.

Andin very hysterical seeing Mama Rosa’s condition, and he intends to take Mama Rosa to the hospital.



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