Jeroen Pauw can be seen weekly from November with a new talk show | TV

entertainment“>Peacock interviews people in their own field. Think of a TBS clinic, a hospital or nursing home. These are in-depth conversations that go beyond the hustle and bustle of the day, according to broadcaster BNNVARA.

entertainment“>The presenter made television from the studio for years and formed a duo with Paul Witteman. Now is the time for something different, he thinks. “I enjoyed doing the daily talk show for almost 15 years and all the topics that determined the news came along,” says Pauw. “But not always with everyone involved, because there are always people who cannot get to the talk show table because they are sick or imprisoned or in a nursing home. That is why I would also like to speak to the people who have been talking about the talk show all these years, without being able to be there. ”

entertainment“>In total makes Jeroen Pauw six episodes, which will be weekly on NPO 1 from Sunday, November 8, at 10:20 PM.

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