Jeremy Clarkson voted Supercar and People’s Car of the Year. His choice is, as always, controversial

You can count on Jeremy Clarkson, a former host of the most famous Top Gear car show and a current performer on The Grand Tour, to choose the best cars of the year, they’re certainly no ordinary cars.

Every year, he chooses his favorite supercar and the so-called folk car. In the automotive department of The Sunday Times, they even left him two categories so that he wouldn’t have to argue with anyone.

Eagle Lightweight GT

Foto: Eagle

Clarkson first chose “Best Supercar of the Year” in his category. However, his choice is very surprising. He chose the extremely rare Eagle Lightweight GT, a custom-made car that takes an incredible 8,000 hours to build and produces only two pieces a year.

The car is supposed to look like the original Jaguar E-Type, it is luxurious and exotic. The Lightweight GT version weighs just a few kilos more than one ton and has an output of 380 hp thanks to its six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 4.7 liters. They move it from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds and a maximum of one to 273 km / h.

According to Jeremy Clarkson, the popular car is the Mini JCW GP. But don’t be fooled, because it’s just looking out. This is a sharp version of a small mini, which has an output of 301 hp and a torque of 450 Nm, which is enough for the car to heat even larger and more powerful sports cars.

Under the hood, it has a four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and drives up to 265 km / h. And the cost of production does not sound popular. Mini JCW GP it is a limited edition, only 3,000 pieces will be produced for the whole world. It is so clear that Jeremy again conceived his own survey at his own discretion.

However, The Sunday Times also created other rankings, where others also voted, it must be said that somewhat more moderate car journalists. This year, they chose the Porsche Taycan and at the same time the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf. According to them, the Porsche 911 Turbo S became the sports car of the year, and the Bentley Flying Spur became the luxury car. Journalists named the German Volkswagen the producer of the year.

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