Jérémie Moreau, losing the north to find it better

Published on : 12/10/2022 – 16:36

With his new comic Jérémie Moreau, winner of a Fauve d’Or in 2018 for the ” To the Grimmr Saga »Offers a sublime journey into the American Great North in the heart of the myths of the Alaskan Amerindians. A magnificent dreamlike and ecological story.

The talent Jeremiah Moreau returns with a hybrid comic. A story that takes us to the heart of the terrible reality of global warming and at the same time into a colorful shamanic dream. An adventure that questions the future of humanity and at the same time immerses us in the ancestral myths of the Alaskan Amerindians.

A learning story that, box after box, invites us to progress towards a better knowledge of ourselves, but also of the nature that surrounds us. The title itself refers to a hybrid being, which carries with it both the anxiety of the Anthropocene and the hope of a healthy adaptation. Four years after his “Fauve d’Or” in Angoulême for his album ” To the Grimmr Saga », Jérémie Moreau takes us back to the far north.

Pizzas », His new job, is one of those from which we come out shaken in our certainties, and perhaps a little better. The comic is available from Delcourt editions.

Reportage: France is the second largest consumer of manga, behind Japan. The training to become a mangaka is multiplying but the AAA school was the first in France. Founded 30 years ago by Japanese citizens living in Paris, the school has been offering manga training since 2005. Fanny Bleichner we visit it.

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