Jeon Seung-bin “Separation from December 2019, divorce and Shim Eun-jin never overlapped”

Actor Jeon Seung-bin. MBC provided

Actor Jeon Seung-bin personally clarified his position on the suspicion that the marriage life with his ex-wife and the period of dating Shim Eun-jin overlap.

Jeon Seung-bin said on the 14th through his agency StarHue Entertainment, “I need clarification for the suspicion and misunderstandings about me that are constantly blowing up like a balloon.”

Jeon Seung-bin explained that he and his ex-wife Hong In-young began separation in December 2019, filed for divorce on March 5 last year, and that the divorce was confirmed in April of that year. In addition, when he was separated when he was awarded the prize for his maternal grandmother who raised him as a child, his ex-wife did not participate in the funeral, and he did not actually join the house or set up a newlywed house with Eun-jin Shim.

Jeon Seung-bin said, “I understand that my new start would have been news that could be sad and not good for him. But now, I hope that he will be happy, too, free from all controversy.”

Jeon Seung-bin and Shim Eun-jin, who appeared in MBC’s morning drama’Bad Love,’ which ended last May, got married on the 12th. Shim Eun-jin announced the wedding news through Instagram. Afterwards, Jeon Seung-bin’s ex-wife Hong In-young posted a nuanced post saying that the relationship between the two began before the marriage was completely organized.

The following is the full text of Jeon Seungbin’s official position.

Hello, this is Seungbin Jeon.

First of all, I apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience to many people who are different from my heart in the news I gave earlier.

The suspicion and misunderstanding of me that continue to buzz like a balloon would need clarification, so I wrote this.

I thought for myself that it was not good for everyone to be in a situation where the past happened, hurting someone, and at the same time being an uncomfortable situation for someone and the center of controversy, so I tried to deliver only good things without mentioning the past.

Currently, there are many important events besides my own work, and many people are having a difficult time, and I was worried that it would be useless.

However, because of unintended controversy, doubts that are not true seem to be causing misunderstandings as if they were true, so we want to correct them so that no one is hurt anymore.

First of all, I started separation in December 2019, filed the divorce documents, and the divorce was confirmed in April 2020.

Divorce was decided during separation, and due to the consultation period on the divorce and the court adjournment due to the coronavirus, the divorce document was filed with the court on March 5, 2020, and it was finally legally confirmed in April 2020.

This part is not controversial because the date is also stipulated in the documents submitted to the court when the divorce is filed on March 5, 2020 and the contract in which an attorney was appointed to proceed with the divorce proceedings.

Also, on January 4, 2020, who raised me as a child at the time of separation, my maternal grandmother passed away and had not attended the funeral even while my ex-wife had not attended the funeral. I don’t think there will be any controversy.

In addition, there is a story that they set up a house for three months after divorce, but even now, they are not actually in a situation where they have joined the house or opened a newlywed house.

Shim Eun-jin is still living in his home family, and due to the corona situation between my house and my house, I had to do most of the dating at home, and I have never joined the house or organized a honeymoon.

The article about divorce in 2018 is clearly misleading, and I was preparing for divorce through separation from December 2019 through my agency, and I told you that the divorce was confirmed in April 2020, as if the article about divorce in 2018 was controversial as I interviewed. As such, I sincerely ask you to refrain from articles so that many people do not misunderstand them due to further speculative articles.

We fully understand that our meeting is short and it is a situation that many people may misunderstand, but what I can tell you clearly is that the divorce and the meeting with Shim Eun-jin have never overlapped.

I hope that this will not be controversial by giving me the correct facts, and I understand that my new start would have been news that could have been disappointing and not pleasant to him. But now, I hope that he too will be happy free from all controversy.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere regret once again for causing concern to many people during various difficult times.

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