Jeon Seung-bin “Divorce from last year with my ex-wife…

Shim Eun-jin (left) and Jeon Seung-bin

[각 소속사 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Jung-hyun = Actor Jeon Seung-bin (35), who recently announced that she reported marriage to Baby Vox actor Shim Eun-jin (40), denied the suspicion that she had dated Shim Eun-jin while not separated from her ex .

Jeon Seung-bin said in a statement on the 14th, “(Ex-wife) began separation in December 2019 and received the divorce documents, and the divorce was confirmed in April 2020.” I heard it on the basis of the back.

He then emphasized, “There is a story that (with Eunjin Shim) set up a house after 3 months of divorce, but even now, it is not in a situation where the house is actually combined or newlywed.”

He said, “We fully understand that this is a situation that many people can misunderstand because our meeting is short, but what I can tell you clearly is that the divorce and the meeting with Shim Eun-jin never overlapped.”

Seung-bin Jeon and Eun-jin Shim made a relationship in the drama’Bad Love’, which aired on MBC TV last year, and announced that they were legally married after completing marriage registration through their agency on the 12th.

However, controversy arose when Jeon Seung-bin’s ex-wife, Mr. A, raised suspicion that the two seem to have met while the relationship with him has not been organized through social media.

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