Jennifer’s Facts, the daughter of Bill Gates, who married in Islam, number 2, makes you gawk

JAKARTA, – Bill Gates’ eldest daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates, recently caused a stir on social media because marry with men Egypt Muslim. The wedding ceremony was held in an Islamic manner last weekend in New York, United States (US).

The wedding of Jennifer and her partner, Nayel Nassar, was held behind closed doors even though it was attended by hundreds of guests. The news of the couple’s marriage has enlivened social media, not because of Jennifer’s status as the son of one of the richest people and founders of Microsoft, but because of the consent process.

Unmitigated, US media reported that their wedding spent at least 2 million US dollars, or around Rp. 28 billion, for a party that was attended by not so many people.

No wonder many say that the woman born on April 26, 1996 is a convert. Nassar is Muslim and the terms of marriage state that both the bride and groom must be of the same religion. However, the issue of Jennifer’s religious status has not been expressed directly by the two parties. Besides being beautiful, Jennifer is also a smart woman with her status as an alumnus of Stanford University.

More curious about Jennifer’s figure, consider some of the facts of this sweet-looking woman:

1. Graduated from Famous Universities

As already mentioned, this beautiful woman who has a height of 157 centimeters is a graduate of a well-known university, namely Stanford University. Besides Stanford, Jennifer is also studying at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine.

Jennifer Katharine Gates. (Foto: Instagram/jenniferkgates)

2. Earned 20 Million US Dollars

Being a daughter of Bill Gates certainly gave Jennifer a fortune. At the age of only 25 years, he already has a net income of 20 million US dollars or around Rp. 281 billion.

3. Sports Hobby

In addition to being smart in the field of biology, Jennifer also likes to exercise. His favorite thing, of course, is horseback riding.

He also has a 124-hectare horse racing field worth IDR 225 billion, a gift from his father.

Editor: Umaya Khusniah

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