Jennifer Lopez in a translucent blouse showed a spectacular summer look for publication

Jennifer Lopez often gets into the lenses of the paparazzi, and every time her image captivates. The other day, the actress was caught by the paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles when she got out of the car. For the release, J. Lo chose a spectacular summer look and stylish accessories.

So, Lopez was wearing a white translucent blouse with a barely noticeable stripe with ruffles in front and blue wide trousers with a belt. The image of the star was complemented by suede pink-powder sandals on a high platform, and a bag with a floral print from Dior became the highlight of the image. The Book Tote is one of Lopez’s favorites. The cost of this bag is about $3,000.

Translucent blouse and bag with floral print: Jennifer Lopez showed a spectacular summer look for publication

Jennifer Lopez is standing with her back in the photo, so you can’t see her makeup. However, the styled hair is striking. Stylish styling is an indispensable attribute of the image of a star both on stage and in everyday life. Only if the artist goes to a dance training, or walks with children, then she can be seen with her hair collected.

Previously Jennifer Lopez in an ultra-short skirt hit the lenses paparazzi after a two-week vacation with Ben Affleck.

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