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Jennifer Lawrence, who spent a year and a half between pregnancy and motherhood, has taken up cinema again through a tape: Causeway by director Lila Negboyer, based on a delicate screenplay in which she collaborated: Otessa Moshfeg, Luke Goebel and Elizabeth Sanders, in a production by Lawrence with Justin Ciarici, in competition at the official Toronto International Film Festival.

It is a super romantic film about the friendship between a young girl affected by the effects of an explosion that left her with a head problem in Afghanistan, where she worked in the US Army engineering team, with a young man of African descent who we are introduced on screen for the first time as James and Brian Tyree Henry, the influential The simplicity of his performance and the intelligence of his features, as one of his legs was amputated in a car accident, while Jennifer embodies the role of Lynsey, the beautiful girl who has returned to America to complete her treatment, after initial treatment in an American field hospital in Germany.

Lynsey moved to live in her family’s old house, and when she wanted to prepare it for her residence, she made use of a crew of workers led by James, who were comfortable with her demeanor and a mutual understanding developed between them. friendship in which there was no room for emotion, especially after she had reservations about accepting his invitation to move in and live in his apartment instead of submitting to the risk of any attack, hits her on the head without anyone you help her.

Lynsey, who was managing her own expenses from a temp job cleaning private pools, was exposed to an embarrassing situation with James, who forced him away from her, refusing to return her calls apologizing, until she didn’t visit him at his house and when he opened the door, she begged him with her decision: I’m ready to move and live with you, so that this scene is the conclusion The film, which also stars: Linda Emond, Danny Woolohan, Jane Hudichel, Neil Half, Han Soto and Natalie Bailey.

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