Jennifer Aniston to Brad Pitt: “You’re so sexy!”

Ever since an apparently perfect marriage ended unexpectedly Angelina Jolie i Pitt’s beard, fans are looking for potential new “second halves” in both the life of the actress and her ex-husband.

About the fact that the ex-spouses do not resent each other after the breakup have already proved several times. Recently they have shown once again that time can heal wounds when they decided to work on a joint projectin which other Hollywood stars also took part.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will show up together after years?

It turns out that during charity action to fight the coronaviruswhich involved famous actors reading the dialogues from the film Carefree years at Ridgemont High, the ex-couple had to play one of the the most embarrassing scenes. Aniston played the role of Brad Linda in love with Pitt’s character.


Hi Brad, you know I always found you a lovely guy? You’re so sexy – we can hear the actress playing one of the scenes asks her ex.

However, unlike Phoebe Cates, who in the production of 1982 played the role of Linda, Jennifer she chose not to perform topless. The 51-year-old was only tempted by Fr. bikini top worn over a white T-shirt.

When the recordings appeared on the network “flirting” during the video call of ex, the comments of fans of the Jennifer-Brad duo swarmed:

“It’s great to see them together”, “There’s still something between them … You can see it in his smile”, “Their coming back together would save 2020!”, “Couldn’t they just be together again?” – Internet users are delighted with the joint performance of the former spouses.


Do you also think that there are still sparks between them?

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