Jennifer Aniston asks her subscribers to wear the mask

Jennifer Aniston urged her Instagram followers to take the new guidelines to reduce the spread of the coronavirus seriously.

The star of Friends posted a masked selfie on the photo sharing site this week and implored fans to do the same.

“I understand that the masks are bothersome and uncomfortable, but don’t you think that the fact that companies are closing is worse … Jobs are lost … Health workers are reaching absolute exhaustion,” wrote the 51-year-old star. So many lives have been lost to this virus because we are not doing enough. ”

The actress told fans that she still believes in “the basic goodness of people,” but she also lamented the fact that “there are many people in our country who refuse to take the steps necessary to flatten the curve and protect each other. ” Jennifer Aniston also addressed concerns that wearing the mask could infringe civil liberties. “People seem worried that their rights will be taken away by being asked to wear a mask. This simple and effective recommendation is politicized to the detriment of people’s lives, ”she said.

She concluded: “It really shouldn’t be a debate. If you care about human life, please […] just wear a damn mask and encourage those around you to do the same. ”

The star’s message Morning Show comes in the aftermath of the latest figures on the ravages of the coronavirus: 500,000 people have lost their lives worldwide due to COVID-19. A new spike in cases in the United States has prompted governors of many states to reverse deconfinement measures and tighten restrictions on public gatherings in preparation for Independence Day weekend (July 4). Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, where Jennifer Aniston lives, has ordered anyone going out in public to wear a face mask at all times.


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