Jenner chicks wrapped up nicely – what Kylie is promoting here – people

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner (23) pulls out all the stops again – and gives her fans a wonderful sight.

Of course, he’s not entirely unselfish. Because with Instagram advertising, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister (40) earns a decent amount of money with 209 million followers.

According to the „Instagram Rich List 2020“ Kylie bagged around 986,000 US dollars (around 809,490 euros) last year – for every Instagram post uploaded. The complete madness!

This time, however, she is promoting her own company “KylieSkin”. But what could your new photo be about?

The sexy bikini that Kylie has wrapped around her body? About the jewelry that the advertising star wears? Or the make-up she put on herself with?

Nope! It’s about the boring towel that sits enthroned on her head.

Kylie wants to bring the 100 percent polyester part to the man or woman for $ 20 (around 16.40 euros).

Has she chosen the right attitude? Because somehow one sticks to her bosom with this photo.

But as the saying goes: “Sex sells”. And Kylie apparently knows this motto inside and out.


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