Jember Regent Funeral Honors, Center Asks Khofifah to Act

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Director General of Regional Financial Development, Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) Ardian Noervianto asked the Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa give up after Regent of Jember Hendy Siswanto received a funeral fee of Rp. 70 million.

Ardian said that the provincial government has the task of examining each budget item in the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD). The provincial government also has the authority to provide guidance to district/city governments.

“Because the provincial government evaluates and the functions of guidance and supervision are also carried out through the governor, the governor should take steps,” said Ardian when contacted, Friday (27/8).

Ardian emphasized that the incentives for handling the Covid-19 pandemic were given to health workers. He said incentives were also given to funeral workers for Covid-19 patients

There is no incentive for funeral directors. He assessed that the budget for funeral incentives for regents made funds for handling Covid-19 not right on target.

“If the Regent of Jember participates in the burial, it’s okay, thank you. Not because of the capacity of the position, the ceremony is in a form of committee, then receive an honorarium, no,” said Ardian.

“The more people die, the more honorariums their officials receive. Seriously, it will be counterproductive,” he added.

Previously, the Regent of Jember, Hendy Siswanto, admitted that he received incentives for funerals for Covid-19 patients. Funds amounting to Rp. 70 million he received as an incentive because he served as the director of the Covid-19 funeral.

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After the news shocked the public, the police intervened. The Jember Police began investigating the case by examining the Jember BPBD Treasurer Siti Fatimah, Friday (27/8).

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