Jeffrey Hager and his wife Amee died of covid19 within a week of each other in Huntersville, North Carolina; leave four children | Univision 40 Raleigh WUVC

The covid-19 pandemic has once again mourned a North Carolina family, since after the death of Jeffrey Hager, bombero de Huntersville, recorded on September 11, now a week later, his wife Amee lost the battle against the virus, so his relatives are of grief again.

And it is that relatives of the couple still had not recovered from the death of the 46 year old firefighter, when it was reported on Saturday that Jeffrey’s wife also lost her life to covid-19.

“To our dear friends and family, with a broken heart we share this with you. Our precious Amee has lost the battle with this horrible covid. You no longer feel pain or have trouble breathing. Their lungs are filled with the sweet breath of Jesus, our Lord and Savior ”, highlights a letter signed by Amee’s parents, Tina y Randy Miller and published on Saturday in the newspaper they have on the site CaringBridge.

Jeffrey and his wife Amee Hager They tested positive for covid-19 on August 23, so they began their medical treatment, but their health did not improve, so they had to be hospitalized on August 28.

Marriage Hager leaves four children

The family hoped that both would recover from the illness, but by September 3, his conditions worsened. Since the couple was hospitalized, their relatives have taken care of their four children, who have 14, 13, 7 and 6 years.

So far, $ 82,000 has been raised in the Go Fund Me platform campaign.

“We need some prayers for one of our members and his family. A dear and dedicated member and a VERY active public servant … we seldom ask for help … we often avoid it. But today we need your help,” highlights the posted message. on the account of Huntersville Fire Department Twitter.

They announced Amme’s death

Amee’s parents mourn the death of their daughter and her husband, but trust that both are already together, although the pain is more present than ever.

“I know Jeff was standing at Heaven’s gates with a wicked smile, hoping to give him a big hug and a kiss! Our hearts are shattered and there are no words to explain the pain and pain we feel ”, highlights the message.

And it is that without a doubt, those most affected by the death of the Hager marriage are their four children, who will have to face the absence of their parents, although they have the unconditional support of their grandparents and other relatives.

“I only pray that we can find the right words to tell the precious children of Amee and Jeff that now, their parents are gone,” the text states.

Amee’s parents strongly call on people to get vaccinated, since the consequences can be fatal.

“So hug your children tonight, hold them tight and let them know how much you love them… because there is no promise of tomorrow, only now! I love you all ”, concludes the digital letter.

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