Jeff Grubb Insists Kojima Is In Negotiations With Microsoft For His Next Game

It’s clear that Kojima Productions is creating a new game. And Jeff Grubb insists that Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft For publication. This is not the first time that this has been discussed. Ever since Phil Spencer showed off a Ludens figure at Microsoft’s Gaming Summit, there has been a lot of speculation about it. At the time Grubb had said that we should pay attention to this, that it was not a game. And Dompier of Windows Central agreed with him.

Contrary to these ideas, there was the rumor that Abandoned, exclusive to PS5, was the next game from Kojima Productions. But after Sony revealed an advance of Abandoned, speculation was generated by the little information that there was from the study in charge, Blue Box Games. Like this is a Kojima Productions shell corporation. But the truth is that Blue Box is a small studio which has never released a major console game before. Instead, Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft, according to Grubb.

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Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft for his next game

Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft for his next game

While Grubb claims that Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft, it is unclear as to whether or not this game will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. It only talks about negotiations to publish this game. Which could mean, that it would in fact be exclusive. Or just that it will be released on day 1 on Xbox Game Pass. Just a couple of weeks ago there was talk of a possible Ubisoft and Kojima Productions collaboration with Xbox Game Pass. So maybe this is the path Kojima’s negotiations with Microsoft take.

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Whatever the case, after the exclusivity of Death Stranding, it is good news to meet Kojima’s future game on Xbox. Above all, because Kojima would become one more step for Microsoft’s approach to the Japanese market. We already know that Xbox has been spending money for Vtubers to promote the Xbox Game Pass in Japan. The more content Microsoft’s flagship service can offer, the better you can position yourself. Which would make possible the fact that Kojima is in negotiations with Microsoft.


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