Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Are Not Astronauts! – United States Federal Aviation Authority (FEW) updated the rules regarding definition astronaut this week, after two conglomerates Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson – who both have businesses in the aerospace sector – go into space.

In the new FAA regulations, as reported by BBC, Saturday (24/7/2021), among other things, regulates that astronauts are part of the crew and have a contribution to space flight security.

Thus Bezos and Branson, at least from the new US government rules, are not yet worthy of the title of astronaut. On the way to space, the two only act as passengers.

The rules that the FAA amended are related to the Commercial Astronaut Wings program, which was first held in 2004.

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The program stipulates that a person is eligible to be called an astronaut if he has flown as far as 80 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Both Bezos and Branson are already eligible to be called astronauts based on these regulations.

But on Tuesday (20/7/2021) – just as Bezos flew into space on a rocket Blue Origin – The FAA is updating the rules for the first time since 2004.

Astronauts, the regulation states, in addition to having flown at an altitude of 80 km above the Earth’s surface, are also required “to perform activities that are important to public safety or contribute to the safety of human spaceflight during their journey into space.”

Bezos flew into space with a crew of three. But days before the launch, Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said that Bezos and the crew would be doing nothing during the trip because they were riding a rocket with automatic steering technology.

Richard Branson became the first millionaire to go into space after he went into space on the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft on July 11, 2021. [Johannes EISELE/AFP]

While Richard Branson flew into space on July 11 with a crew of three aboard his aerospace company-funded SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic. He became the first millionaire to go into space.

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In addition, to be able to obtain wing astronaut, everyone should also be nominated. FAA, to CNN, said that currently there were several nominations being evaluated.

But there are two other ways to get an astronaut wing: the military route and through the US space agency, NASA. The majority of US astronauts obtain astronaut wings through these two routes.



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