Jean-Pierre Papin as a coach? C’Chartres Football players say yes

No reluctance but a lot of excitement at this information. All C’Chartres Football players contacted are enthusiastic when they are told that Jean-Pierre Papin may be their future coach. And they can’t wait to start again…

Jean-Pierre Papin en route to C’Chartres Football?

Arnaud Archimbaud (CCF captain): “From the moment Jean-Guy Wallemme has not been reappointed, it would be great news. Jean-Pierre Papin, it’s a monumental journey, experience and prize list. He played in big clubs like Milan and Bayern Munich which are schools of rigor. If he could transmit just 20% of his experience to us, we would take a big slap! In addition, he no longer has to prove anything. It means he would come because he really wants to and is motivated to take up the challenge with us. For the development of the club and the image of Chartres, it would be extraordinary. It will bring light, bring people to the stadium and attract partners. If Jean-Pierre Papin arrives, it proves that the ambitions remain intact despite the complicated period. There aren’t many N2 clubs that can have such a character on their sidelines!

Being trained by a Golden Ball, I never imagined it a few days ago. There, I tell myself that it is possible. And it would be pretty incredible

Nicolas Palbrois (right side of the CCF): “Jean-Pierre Papin, for me, it’s papinades. He was an internationally recognized player compared to his years in Marseille and Milan. He is the idol of some people who followed football in the 1980s and 90s. His arrival could attract people to the stadium. Being trained by a Golden Ball, I never imagined it a few days ago. There, I tell myself that it is possible. And that would be pretty incredible. We will all be listening. We are all eager to start again, to see how it works and to discover the character. “

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[En images] Legendary footballer Jean-Pierre Papin visits the Lorillard group in Chartres

Steven Papin (CCF striker): “I have often been asked if I have family with Jean-Pierre. But, no, there are a lot of people called Papin … Jean-Pierre, I don’t know him but I met him once. When I was in Trélissac, he kicked off a French Cup match. I kept the photo preciously. Even though he wasn’t my idol, it was Ronaldo (Editor’s note: the Brazilian), he was a trigger on the field. We’ll see as a coach. Some great players become great coaches, others don’t … You have to wait before judging. When Jean-Guy Wallemme arrived, a lot of people shot him. In the end, he did a great job. I hope JPP will also bring us a lot. On the offensive side, he will surely teach us things with just two or three details in the positioning. In any case, I can’t wait for it to resume! “

Jean-Pierre Papin, I validate! It would be an honor to be trained by such a great player

Ludovic Fardin (CCF community): “Jean-Pierre Papin, I validate! It would be an honor to be trained by such a great player after having already had Jean-Guy Wallemme or Rui Almeida and François Ciccolini. I love the player he was, I’m a fan, like most people. I don’t know the coach. But there is no reason why it should go wrong. I trust the president (note: Gérard Soler). If he chose it, it is because he believes that he is the one we need to win the National climb. In any case, we risk having an offensive coach! “

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“We will never write the end of history” regrets Jean-Guy Wallemme

Sébastien Persico (CCF striker): “We already had a renowned coach. There, without wanting to disrespect Jean-Guy Wallemme, it would be the top range. For Chartres, that would be cool. There would be new people at the stadium, for sure. As a striker, I would be rather happy to see Jean-Pierre Papin arriving. He was a pure center forward, a hell of a goal scorer. There is no age to progress. With him, I’m sure we would learn things. After that, the most important thing would be that he collectively brings us what we missed to go to National. It would also galvanize opponents, but the climb would only be more beautiful. ”

Franck Thébault

Jean-Guy Wallemme, direction Fréjus!

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