Jean-Marc Sene, Lucéen sports doctor: “Physical activity is essential”

Creator of the sports medicine unit of the Hospitals of Chartres, doctor of the French judo team, the Lucéen Jean-Marc Sene, brother of the former deputy in charge of sports in Lucé, is at the presentation of the documentary Stomach ache, it’s better doctor! broadcast on France 5, this Tuesday.

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What memories do you keep of your Lucean childhood?

A very good memory. I was born in Lucé and I grew up there. I did my high school in Chartres and I even came back after my medical studies. I still have family here. I come back with pleasure. This is my native land, I am a true Beauceron.

“It’s much easier to watch the Olympics than small competitions”

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In the early 2000s, you created a sports medicine unit at the Chartres Hospitals. What is the genesis of this creation?

It was an innovation. Very early on, at the start of my career, I understood that physical activity was essential to treat many pathologies. At the time, we didn’t talk about it as much. With this unity, Chartres innovated. We had introduced the prescription of physical activities. The local authorities quickly realized that there was an interest.

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Why did you get into sports medicine?

I love sport. This is an area in which I thrive. So I tried to combine these two passions. When I realized that it was possible, I thought it was great.

How do you become a sports doctor?

I started by supervising competitions in Senonches, Illiers-Combray, Nogent-le-Rotrou or even Barjouville. I learned a lot there. Sometimes when I watch the Olympics I still think about it. I learned the essentials in these places. And it’s much easier to watch the Olympics and Teddy Riner than these small competitions. I worked at the Eure-et-Loir departmental judo committee and in 2003, at the Ligue du Center. I left good memories with the French judo federation, which relaunched me when it was time to constitute the medical pole of the French judo team. I took up this challenge with pleasure. There, I experienced extraordinary hours of glory.

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“With these broadcasts, I find this aspect of transmission”

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For a few years now, we can see you on television, in particular at the presentation of the Magzine de la santé on France 5…

“It’s pure luck! This was made possible thanks to meetings where we noticed that I expressed myself well in front of the camera. And I really like transmitting to people. It’s something that brings me back to my years as a faculty teacher. With these broadcasts, I find this aspect of transmission. I have a lot of fun, like the documentary Stomach ache, it’s better doctor!, which will be broadcast on October 20 on France 5. “

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What is the subject of this documentary?

“This program raises a key problem: stomach aches, which affect one in two French people. It is possible to defeat them without drugs. Simply by changing your eating habits. In this documentary, the protagonists will be accompanied by champions Alain Bernard (Olympic champion in the 50m freestyle in 2008 in Beijing, Editor’s note) and Sarah Ourahmoune (boxing silver medalist at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Editor’s note). We support them as best we can by giving them recipes for change, which viewers can use. I took part in this documentary for four months with great pleasure. “

Jéraud Mouchet


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