Jean-Jacques Acquevillo package for Euro 2022

A list without much surprise

Apart from Acquevillo, there are no big surprises in the enlarged list (35 players) of the Blues for the Euro. All the other players summoned during the last gathering, where Gille had already shuffled very wide, are included. There are also three players never selected, Nantes Thibaud Briet and Baptiste Damatrin as well as Chambérien Benjamin Richert, as well as elements who have not been retained recently such as Wesley Pardin, Nicolas Claire, Adrien Dipanda, Raphaël Caucheteux and Mathieu Grébille, as well as that … Yann Genty, one of the Tokyo gold medalists who had yet announced his international retirement. The latter are unlikely to make the trip to Hungary, in which 18 to 20 players are expected to participate, but it is a way for the coach to let them know that he is keeping an eye on them.
The list
Guardians: Bonnefoi, Desbonnet, Gérard, Genty, Pardin.
Left wingers: Caucheteux, Damatrin, Descat, Grébille, Nahi.
Left backs: Briet, Konan, Lagarde, N’Guessan, Prandi.
Half centers: Claire, N. Karabatic, K. Mahé, Minne, Nyateu.
Right backs: Dipanda, Mem, Remili, M. Richardson, to you.
Right wingers: Bos, Kounkoud, Y. Lenne, Porte, Richert.
Pivots : Fabregas, L. Karabatic, A. Lenne, Monar, Tournat.



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