Jean-François Delfraissy calls for not neglecting an essential element of the fight against the virus

This July 22 before the Senate Law Commission, Jean-François Delfraissy vigorously affirmed that barrier gestures were still essential.

While the introduction of the health pass is launched and the lifting of the wearing of masks will be possible in the places concerned, despite the presence of the fourth wave of the virus, some health professionals continue to be vigilant and warn of a situation that could be explosive. This is the case of Jean-François Delfraissy. If he estimated in June that we would be able to enjoy a summer “in satisfactory conditions”, this July 22 before the Senate, he returned to the need to maintain barrier gestures, or even “come back”.

“Now is the time to fight”

It is within the framework of the examination of the bill on the extension of the field of application of the sanitary pass that the Chairman of the Scientific Council was heard this Thursday. And the immunologist did not have only good news to announce to the senators, in particular concerning the hospitalizations: “I know I’m the bearer of bad news every time. I’m sorry I’m not in the bad news. I’m a very optimistic person and now is the time to fight indeed! Except the model shows that we are going to be in a complex situation, very complex because the teams can’t take it anymore. Everyone can’t take it anymore. Because we’re going to be at the end of August, that’s when hospitals are still having a difficult time. And that’s when we’re going to have an impact on the healthcare system. “

“Wearing a mask does not affect freedoms”

Predicting difficult times by the end of August, Jean-François Delfraissy recalled that with the delta variant, “we can clearly get infected outside” and therefore reiterated the need to maintain barrier gestures: “The response will be based on an increase in vaccination, on the application of the health pass, but also on the places of contamination: we have to go back to simple, individual barrier gestures. And according to Jean-François Delfraissy, these barrier gestures “totally exploded”, telling senators: “You forgot, me too a little (…) We wash our hands a lot less than before. This is why the doctor advised to keep wearing the mask: “It’s complicated, I know, but in a phase of very high contamination such as we will be at the beginning of August, wearing a mask, including among vaccinated people, does not fundamentally affect republican freedoms.”


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