Jean Dujardin sends a letter of thanks to a village … but confuses two municipalities

This is an error which greatly amuses the mayor of Braux (Côte-d’Or) Ludivine Bizot and the inhabitants of his commune. Tuesday, October 12, during her tenure, the local elected official opens her mail and comes across a letter from Jean Dujardin. The actor had sent an autographed photo and a little note of thanks for the welcome he had received during the filming Stone paths last September, reports The Public Good.

“I believed in a joke! “

But Jean Dujardin never has his feet in this village. In fact, he wanted to send this letter to a municipality which is also called Braux but located in the Alpes de Haute Provence. More than 550 kilometers separate the two towns.

“The address of our town hall was correct so I thought it was a joke! “, explained the mayor Ludivine Bizot. Quickly, she suspected a mistake. “I looked on the Internet and read that he had shot in Braux but in another department. “

Jean Dujardin invited to Côte-d’Or by the mayor

Amused by the situation, she shared this story with locals and on social media. “Some people told me that Braux would become a real star with this letter.”, laughs the city councilor. “In any case, it gives balm to the heart and I have only had positive feedback. “

But Ludivine Bizot wants to take advantage of the moment to appeal to Jean Dujardin. “Braux is also a charming village. We would be happy and even honored to receive it. We would love a little message from him or maybe a visit. We never know… “

The letter will be forwarded

If the actor accepted this unexpected invitation, Ludivine Bizot intends to take him to a very specific place: “On the edge of the Burgundy canal where Louis de Funès shot the film Neither seen nor known ».

The story of the lost letter has obviously been traced back to the village of Braux, the true recipient of the mail. “We would like to collect the mail”, slipped us the secretary of town hall. A request that we sent to Ludivine Bizot and she assured us that ” it was planned “. The mayor intends to send the note and the autographed photo tomorrow. Before, she obviously took the care to photograph them to keep a memory of this anecdote.



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