Jazz and Laurent separated because of an infidelity? She leaves Dubai

Laurent accused of having deceived Jazz with a candidate from Marseillais, she speaks. For her part, Cayden and Chelsea’s mom did not raise the subject on social networks. So inevitably, his departure for France raises many questions on social networks. Netizens wonder why Jazz left Dubai without Laurent … And it is in Cannes that the young woman is currently and she took the opportunity to find her little sister, Eva. So if this geographic separation falls right at the time when rumors of deception circulate, Jazz has nevertheless reassured its fans …

The last Jazz snap

As you can see in this photo, Jazz has just posted a new picture of Laurent while making him a declaration of love. Enough to end the rumors of separation … It remains only to know why Laurent is not with her … This could therefore revive rumors saying that his passport would have been confiscated! We are impatient to discover Laurent’s reaction to all these rumors circulating about him and his couple. In the rest of the TV news, know that the shooting of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5 will begin and the casting has been revealed.


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