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Less than ten hours to the community between in phase 1, the Government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, warned that the desescalada “is not a race” and that “you must follow a safe path to get back to that new normal.” “If something needs to be done is to move slowly to arrive as soon as possible to the new normal; we must go slowly to reach before, because, if we run, maybe we have to go back”.

Listen to Interview with Javier Losada, delegate of the Government in Play to BE

In an interview on the Cadena SER network, the first he has given since the start of the crisis, Losada wanted to “thank” to the galician society “the example of maturity and civility that has enabled us to subdue the pandemic, and to bring the desescalada”. He asked that, going forward, is to maintain that “prudence” and “responsibility” without “guile, or abuse of the rules”.

“It is the time to show that the policy is useful, and in that it is the Government,” he said, without avoiding self-criticism: “we are establishing provisions on something new that no Government knew”; “many of those that are taken these days will have to be changed or matizarlas”as already happened with the measures, referring to “the cores-of less than 5,000 inhabitants – or the markets”.

Despite their disagreements, Losada prevented to enter “into any kind of criticism of the president of the Xunta and its policies” and insisted that the Government “has only one opponent: the virus”. “I am convinced that there have been successes and failures in the management of the Government and in the Government, we have to be mature all, which has been shown to the society, and to devote ourselves to adding, to rebuild and to co-operate”.

“I would invite all the social actors, political forces, the four county councils, the municipalities and, in a special way, to the government of the Xunta to join this covenant of reconstruction” proposed by Pedro Sanchez because “what now is to help families, businesses, self-employed… with measures of consensus such as that has put the government in motion.”

“What is that tap is working to ensure the health safety; the blame, the criticism by the successes and mistakes that have been made we must leave them behind. The citizens would not understand that we were in a discussion,” he concluded.

As one of the “subjects that are going to be left for the new normal,” Losada points to the need “to take decisions on the aspects that, as a society, have led to that had been most vulnerable people”. In reference to the residences of elders, “possibly there will be a review of the health legislation to make decisions on new and to have legislation that allow different controls”.


On the possibility that the regional elections are to be held in the month of July, the delegate of the Government believes that, at this time, “the galicians are concerned about their health, their families, their economies, and not thinking about the election.”

It is a time of agreements, seek consensus, to rebuild what the crisis of the virus has been destroyed and that requires that we avoid confrontations” and an election campaign “”always brings it”.

“I have not seen anyone in Galicia that is asking for elections” and believes that “the only one who is thinking about the appointment with the polls is Feijóo”. That’s why, it claims to give “certainty” to the galicians, “say clearly what you think for the whole of Galicia knows and, above all, to have the same generosity that had the rest of the groups when you have allowed him to annul the elections”.

Once you do, “what there is, is to focus on what’s important: prevent regrowth of the virus, develop a cogobernanza with the government, to accompany you to all social and economic sectors, and in that are the government and the delegation: for those who perceive the FATE to follow perceiving in time and form, to which the unemployed have their grant, for which the minimum income can be launched…”.

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