Jason Gale, the brother of Megan Gale, has died. We hadn’t heard from him for a week

A tragic event disrupted the life of Megan Gale, the Australian model had to face the death of Jason, his older brother, whose body was found lifeless in a forest after about a week in which there was no news of him. The news was reported by the Daily Mail which provided some details on the 49-year-old’s disappearance. Meanwhile, the supermodel has not yet expressed herself about it.

The disappearance and death of Jason Gale

Really terrible news that last Tuesday reached the family of Megan Gale, the Australian model who in the Nineties became very famous in Italy for becoming the testimonial of a well-known mobile phone brand. For some time now, the model has left a marginal place in the entertainment world, embracing her own entrepreneurial activity. Her brother, Jason, four years older than her, was completely foreign to the show business circuits, in fact, according to what was reported by the well-known newspaper, the 49-year-old was a worker and led a rather reserved life. There had been no news from him for about a week, the last time he was seen on July 14 at the wheel of his car. The forester found the man’s lifeless body, after an exhausting search, in a bush in the town of Perth, Western Australia. The circumstances of the death are yet to be ascertained.

Two tragic events to face

According to what people close to the family have reported, Jason Gale was going through a rather difficult period, marked by two events that had particularly troubled him: the death of a close friend of his and that of his beloved Doberman, Badge, to whom he was very attached. . Although the tragic death of his colleague occurred two years ago, in 2018, the fact of having witnessed it was destabilizing for the man, as friends and colleagues reached by the newspaper also reported. These two tragic events led Jason Gale to withdraw into himself, so much so that he leads an increasingly reserved life. “He was going through a difficult and stressful time” this is what was communicated by family members.

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