Jarosław Bieniuk: six months after Ania’s death, the four of us slept in the same bed

Anna Przybylska and Jarosław Bieniuk have been together for years. The couple had three children: daughters Oliwia and sons Szymon and Jan. The actress died seven years ago.

“I think that no man can replace the mother’s children. I would never take such a task. Of course, I had to take over some of the women’s duties, but I was not alone in this, because my mother lived with us for a long time ( …) Now we live with my girlfriend Zuza, but then, in this terrible period after Ania left, it was her grandmother who took over her duties. It was she who united our house. My mother always made sure that there was dinner, breakfast, a full fridge But also hugs, love “- said Bieniuk in the latest interview for the” Viva! “Magazine.

As Jarosław Bieniuk recalled, he and the children hugged a lot at that time. “I have never had problems showing affection. This is how my parents raised me and I thank them for that. I liked hugging my children” – he said.

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Jarosław Bieniuk and Oliwia Bieniuk in a joint interview

“All decisions regarding my daughter and sons were and are on my mind. Certainly, I also had to carry the emotional baggage and show the children the feeling that they would feel this great emptiness as little as possible. Six months after Ania’s death, the four of us slept in the same bed. In the end, Oliwia rebelled, said it was uncomfortable for her and returned to her room “- said Jarosław Bieniuk.

“I don’t remember much from that period, but we all slept together in my parents’ bed. Fortunately, it was quite wide, and Hansel kept digging and had to be covered. I only remember such fragments from that time” – echoed his daughter.

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Jarosław Bieniuk recalled that in a difficult period for the family, they tried to “concentrate on everyday life, not on brooding”, but there were some very difficult situations.

“For example, Mother’s Day celebrated in kindergarten. I made a mistake and instead of keeping Jasio at home, I let him be in kindergarten. There he sang a song for mums with other children, and I saw tears running down his cheeks, although he probably couldn’t. to name these emotions, he was three years old. And for me it was one of the worst days in my life. I felt as if someone was cutting my heart to pieces. I sent him to kindergarten unnecessarily. I should talk to the teachers beforehand. On the other hand, however, I remember how They said that Jasio also »has a mother«, he sings these songs nicely and that he had to learn them. So he knew that they would be sung for the mothers of our students “- he said.


Jarosław Bieniuk (in the center) and Oliwia Bieniuk

In the interview, Jarosław Bieniuk also reminisced about Oliwia’s recent participation in “Dancing with the Stars”.

“I was called, and they have been calling for several years, but I never had time for that. And you would have to move to Warsaw for three months. And then what to do with the children? (…) Oliwia was the youngest participant, surrounded by more mature people, with much more familiarity with the camera or the stage. With each episode she gained experience and awareness of her femininity (…) I was very nervous. Probably more than she. for shopping, food and punctuality. I was afraid that he would endure “- said the former footballer.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Jan Bieniuk, Oliwia Bieniuk, Szymon Bieniuk, Jarosław Bieniuk


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