This week in Veracruz things associated with the state debt, the new loans and the honesty of the regime, the main discursive quality of the government of Cuitláhuac García, are presumed, proclaimed and shouted. From the heights of local power, that virtue is insisted on so much used in the imaginary worker every time the national president visits the entity.

But in that verbiage and in those self-indulgent scenarios, very little is said about public works, the main slope of this government along with public insecurity.

The issue of honesty was brought up by the deputy Gómez Cazarín, who, perhaps knowing the smells of decay in the public coffers, hinted that the ORFIS of Delia González I was not reviewing the numbers and the results well in the municipalities. He flatly criticized the field and accounting and physical verification auditors, whom he pointed to as suspects of irregularities, for the fact of owning high-end vehicles, expensive cars that, in his opinion, they cannot have. An interesting debate that is taking place between the lady who supervises and the one that was the most neat of the legislators.

But honesty once again filled the palace environment when the state executive insisted on attacking other governments (that of Yunes Linares). He did so at a conference where Secretary Lima Franco accompanied him, since he would give the current numbers of the state debt and the general details of the recently authorized loans.

The finance secretary, who his admirers say may be the tough opponent of Nahle in the next nomination process for a candidate for governor, spoke of the five billion pesos of public debt paid by this administration, indicating that in the account public this year, the state debt will close with 54 thousand 514 million pesos.

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At that meeting, Lima also highlighted that there will be one billion pesos from a BANOBRAS loan to carry out road works, highways and drinking water and sanitation in some municipalities, a breakdown that the governor himself will make soon. Those monies, he said, would be transferred to the SIOP and the CAEV for the execution of the projects.

Hopefully, and for the sake of the transparency and honesty that it proclaims, the governor understands that it is necessary to disseminate it widely by all possible means. Failure to do so and comply with it, Cuitláhuac García will only be remembered in Veracruz for his infinite taste for social networks, cakes and garnachas from the road, and for the discursive presumptions along with his millions of downloads of videos of the “Veracruz Pride” that has composed next to Eric Cisneros, the Cuenca secretary of the Papaloapan butterfly catamaran, the Black Christ and a teacher in public administration.

García Jiménez will leave a high debt, and if in the years that remain he does not rush with significant and verifiable works, he will only leave the population with his videos of “Veracruz Pride”, exactly like the painted walls of the program “Adelante” by Duarte and of that “Veracruz is counting on you”, of the yunist biennium or the fourth ex-governor of Veracruz to dream since the age of three.

Honesty, transparency and concrete results are pending issues of the first Moreno governor in this entity.



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