Japan’s Dream, Harvesting Solar Electric Power from Outer Space

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Monday, 06 Feb 2023 07:34 WIB

Illustration. Japan wants to make a solar power plant in outer space that can later be used on Earth. (Kyoto University)

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At a time when Indonesian citizens are suspected of being complicated by making solar power plants under the pretext of being overloaded, Japan already dreamed of harvesting electricity Sun in outer space. How to?

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima reactor in 2011 has further fueled Japan’s search for clean alternative energy sources. But at the same time, Japan feels there is a shortage of areas to install renewable power plants.

Therefore, launched Next Trend Asiabuilding a clean and stable power plant in outer space is a key goal of Japan’s Basic Plan for Space Policy.

Research on power generation in outer space is led by the Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA).

They now have a technology roadmap indicating a series of ground and orbit demonstrations leading to the development of an operational solar satellite system.

In the long term, alternative energy sources could solve the world’s environmental and energy problems. The efforts of Japanese researchers who acted as pioneers in this technology will also be exemplary.

Citing the official site JAXA, this research project is named Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS). The system converts energy from sunlight into microwave or laser energy and transmits it from outer space to Earth.

JAXA believes that this system has the potential to solve crucial challenges in terms of humanity, such as energy, climate change and environmental conversion.

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“In order to develop SSPS, we have conducted technology research for wireless energy transmission via microwaves or lasers and prepared large-scale structures,” wrote JAXA.

“In addition, we have also comprehensively studied SSPS including its strategic research and development approach,” he wrote again.

Furthermore, JAXA also revealed that it has researched microwave and laser transmission technologies. In principle, microwaves and lasers have the same mechanism, namely converting DC current from the sun.

“We have researched two crucial technologies, namely the technology to convert DC currents to microwaves on satellites and then convert them back to DC currents on land,” wrote JAXA.

“Second is the technology for controlling microwave beams in all directions with high accuracy,” he wrote again.

The same thing also happened to the laser beam. JAXA has researched two efficient conversion technologies to convert DC current from sunlight to laser energy in space and then back to DC when it reaches Earth.

“The second technology is to control the laser direction with incredible accuracy,” wrote JAXA.


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