“Japan’s Attempt to Channel Solar Energy from Outer Space to Earth by 2025”

Telset.id, Jakarta – Japanese researchers want to create innovations in the utilization of solar energy, by channeling this renewable energy from outer space to Earth.

The Japanese space agency, or JAXA, spent decades developing the technology that would allow them to radiate solar energy from outer space.

In the process of developing this technology, Japan first created a technology that is capable of transmitting electricity without the aid of wires.

The effort was successful, because in 2015 scientists at JAXA were able to transmit 1.8 kilowatts of power to a receiver more than 50 meters away without the use of wires.

After 9 years have passed, now in 2023 Japan is increasingly determined to realize its obsession in channeling the energy of sunlight from outer space to Earth.


quoted The telephone from Engadget on Monday (29/05/2023), a Japanese public-private partnership will try to beam solar energy from outer space to Earth as early as 2025.

The project, led by Naoki Shinohara, a Kyoto University professor who has been working on space-based solar energy since 2009, will try to deploy a series of small satellites in orbit.

Naoki and the team will try to transmit solar energy collected by solar arrays or panels in outer space to a receiving station that is on Earth and hundreds of miles away.

Using orbital solar panels and microwaves to transmit energy to Earth is not a new idea because it was proposed by several countries such as China and the United States in 1968.

This technology is interesting to implement because it can become an unlimited supply of renewable energy for Earth’s inhabitants. In outer space, solar panels can collect energy at any time of the day, and by using microwaves to radiate the generated power.

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However, many judge that the plan to deploy small satellites supported by arrays to capture solar energy is difficult to implement. Because producing an array that can produce 1 gigawatt of power will cost around USD 7 billion or Rp 104.8 trillion. [NM/HBS]

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