Japanese woman hides mother’s body in refrigerator for 10 years

Japanese police arrested a large young woman. After her mother’s body was found In the freezer of the refrigerator In apartment rentals In the capital Tokyo Where the two lived together

Ms. Yumi Yoshino, 48, told the police that She found her mother died. And decided to hide the body of her mother 10 years ago because she did not want to move out of the motel.

Police said that from the examination of the frozen corpse of the old woman. No traces of injuries were found. With the condition of the corpse pressed folded So that it can be inserted into the freezer compartment Initially, the staff could not specify the date and time. And cause of death

Local media reports said the body was found by a cleaning worker after Ms Yoshino was forced to leave the room. Due to owing several months of rent

Ms. Yoshino was arrested by the police. At a hotel in Chiba, east of Tokyo. On Friday (29 Jan) ago

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