Japanese Tourist Angers Police and Reports Overcharged Restaurant in Singapore

Japanese Tourist Angers Police and Reports Overcharged Restaurant in Singapore


Tourist got angry and reported the police because he was charged tens of millions when eating in restaurant Singapore.

Junko Shinba, a Japanese tourist on holiday in Singaporerecounting the experience to AsiaOne. He said that he and his group experienced this unpleasant incident when they visited Seafood Paradise last month.

There he followed the waiter’s advice and ordered the restaurant’s signature spicy Alaskan crab dish. With a price of around 26.8 SGD or IDR 300 thousand per 100 grams.

Reporting from New York Post, Friday (22/9/2023), he and his group, consisting of four people, got the jumbo portion. They were served crabs weighing 3.5 kilograms and the price was USD 700 or Rp. 10.7 million.

“We were all speechless when we found out that one dinner for four adults cost that much,” said the 50-year-old tourist.

“None of us were told that the whole crab would be cooked just for us, because some other restaurants only served partial crab,” he said.

He said he got three three plates full of crab.

Responding to this incident, a spokesperson for the group that owns Seafood Paradise told the media that it was true that the price of the crab was 26.80 USD per 100 grams. He said the price of the dish had been communicated clearly.

Japanese tourists are angry when they are charged tens of millions when eating at a restaurant. (Junko Shinba)

“To prevent miscommunication, the staff even brought a whole Alaskan King crab to the table before it was prepared,” they said.

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However, it was reported that Shinba was very angry and called the police and the Singapore Tourism Board.

“At payment, the customer refused to pay the bill and asked to make a police report. Therefore, the restaurant manager helped make a police report,” said a restaurant representative.

He said that not long after, the police came to mediate.

Finally, the restaurant representative offered a discount of SGD 107.40 SGD or around IDR 1.2 million from the total bill of SGD 1,322 or around IDR 14.8 million. The restaurant owner said this was a form of goodwill.

Alaskan King Crab is usually sold in the United States for around USD 70 per 2 kg according to seafood price sites. That means it costs the average American USD 539 or around IDR 8.2 million to make a 3.5 kg Alaskan crab dish at home.

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