“Japanese Self-Defense Ship Enters Busan with Rising Sun Flag: Controversy and Reactions”

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A Japanese Self-Defense Force ship entered Busan to participate in the multinational maritime interception drill held in Jeju Island.

As you can see, I came with a self-defense flag, a type of rising sun flag.

In the meantime, there have been several controversies over raising the rising sun flag, but our Ministry of National Defense is in the position that there is no problem, saying that it is an international practice.

Reporter Yuna Kim covered the story.

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Busan Naval Base of Operations.

A trap with two flags is moored.

The Japanese flag was hung on one side, and the rising sun flag, used as a Japanese self-defense warship, was raised on the other side.

This is the Japanese Self-Defense Force escort ship ‘Hamagiri’ that entered port to participate in the multinational maritime interdiction exercise hosted by Korea on the 31st.

It is the first time since 2010 that a Japanese warship has hoisted a self-defense flag and entered Korea.

The Ministry of National Defense is in the position that it is an international custom for Japanese ships to hoist the flag and enter the port.

[전하규/국방부 대변인 (지난 25일)]

″Usually, when a ship enters a foreign port, it is known that the national flag and the flag symbolizing the military or institution of that country are hung… ″

However, the reaction of citizens is cold.

This is because the Self-Defense Force flag is almost identical to the Rising Sun Flag used by Japan during World War II.

Critical voices have been raised by the people of our country about the Japanese frigate entering Busan Port here with the Rising Sun Flag on it.

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[전언정/울산 중구]

″The Rising Sun Flag is a symbol of Japanese imperialism. However, as a Korean citizen, I think it is really absurd that he entered our country with that flag.”

[정연순/부산 남구]

It is also a symbol that gave us a painful scar on our nation. But isn’t this country not very good at reading the entire mind of the people…

Until the 31st, when the multinational maritime interdiction drill will be held, rallies and one-person protests will be held all over Busan to condemn the entry of Japanese ships.

The controversy is expected to intensify as Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop plans to review the Japanese warships that have raised self-defense flags after the training is over.

This is Yuna Kim from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lee Seong-wook (Busan)

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