Japanese police take heavy duty while on duty Until I forgot something important In the bathroom, convenience store

The Japanese police suddenly had severe pain. While performing duties that he forgot the belt, the firearms loaded with ammunition and handcuffs, were placed in the restrooms, convenience stores

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On January 21, 2021, the news agency NHK Japan The gun was reportedly found in a convenience store bathroom in Japan. The gun belongs to the police who have accidentally forgotten. Also forgot Belt, handcuffs for arrests, and armbands as well.

Japan is a country that values ​​hygiene and customer service. Therefore, the bathrooms in convenience stores in Japan will be clean and tidy. It is not often that there will be stains or odors.

By about 10.00 am on Wednesday morning (20 Jan ’64) ago, there was a customer at a convenience store. In Osaka prefecture Informed the convenience store manager that I found something shocking in the store bathroom. That is the police belt A pair of handcuffs And a gun loaded with ammunition The convenience store manager informed the local police. The belts, weapons, pistols, handcuffs and armbands were then returned to police officers.

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Osaka police have stated that On that morning Osaka Prefectural Police 30 people were assigned to ensure the safety of the area. Acquired to a convenience store to buy things, go to the bathroom and litter.

Reasons that can be expected The police officer took a heavy photo. While performing duties is because He removed the entire belt. And hung on a hook on the door That is used to hang bags or coats The police were expected to feel the need to completely remove the belt to facilitate urination. What was attached to the police belt was a holster with a pistol, handcuffs and an armband, something the police officer forgot to keep.

However, after about 30 minutes after the police had forgotten his belongings, someone found and informed the convenience store manager. And contacted the local police immediately But what is shocking is The police officers did not even know what they had forgotten. He didn’t notice that he had no firearms or handcuffs. Until he was informed That means he didn’t get the chance to use it. Therefore, I did not verify that these important items remained with him or not.


A spokesman for the Osaka Prefecture Metropolitan Police said, “We will control and secure more appropriate police equipment. So this will not happen again. ”However, Osaka residents noted that The message did not specify that “To prevent this from happening a second time,” may be because Events on the past Wednesday This is the second time. Where the police forgot gun power in the bathroom of a convenience store By the previous event Happened 3 years ago

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Why did the bathroom become a storage room for weapons? Many people speculate that it is possible that the convenience store Located near the US Consulate of Osaka. And hence Therefore, there must be an order for more staff to come to work on safety in the area When there is an increasing number of police officers It is possible that the police will stop to use the restroom in this convenience store, increasing accordingly. And has a greater chance of forgetting

The case of forgetting the firearms of the Japanese police There was a period of time, however, it was expected that the officer forgot firearms. Probably the police chief strongly blamed it. Because for the police Public safety It is extremely important

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