Japanese Passenger Causes Chaos on China Airlines Flight to Taiwan

Taiwan media SETN press video capture
In 2014, a passenger unloading incident reminiscent of the so-called peanut retrieval incident, in which a flight attendant attacked a flight attendant before take-off, is drawing attention from netizens in Japan.

Recently, a Japanese female passenger yelled at the flight attendant on a China Airlines flight going from Fukuoka International Airport in Japan to Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

According to foreign media reports such as Japan’s Fuji TV and Taiwan’s SETN News on the 7th, the Japanese woman in question asked the flight attendant to bring water to her on the 4th, but got angry when she couldn’t communicate. The Japanese woman, who could not understand the flight attendant’s words, said in English, “What are you talking about? You only speak Chinese. What are the flight attendants here for? I am Japanese. I think you can understand Chinese. Please speak Japanese.” ” he protested.

In response to the woman’s protest, the flight attendant said, “Nice to meet you,” and then yelled disgruntledly, “No nice to meet you. Very bad experience.”

Taiwan media SETN press video captureTaiwan media SETN press video capture
When the flight was delayed due to the woman’s protest, other passengers also voiced their voices asking for restraint, but the woman’s riot continued, and even after returning to her seat, she even cursed the flight attendant with “garbage X” and “pig X”. He spit and heightened the harsh atmosphere.

In response, the airline judged that safe flight could not be guaranteed along with protests from other passengers due to the Japanese woman’s continued disorderly behavior, and took measures to get off the plane. As a result, the flight departure was delayed by 40 minutes.

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It is an international practice to have the captain of an airliner take action ex officio if it is determined that the actions of a passenger go against public order and greatly impede safe flight. According to Article 23 of the Aviation Security Act, such cases can be regarded as a violation of the passenger’s duty to cooperate and punished.

On the other hand, China Airlines explained that there were no Japanese-speaking flight attendants on the plane departing from Japan, saying, “There may be rare cases where Japanese flight attendants do not board as it has not been long since normal operations resumed after the Corona 19 incident.” .

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