Japanese justice minister says Ghosn’s flight is “unjustifiable”

Masako Mori, Japanese Minister of Justice, December 26 in Tokyo.
Masako Mori, Japanese Minister of Justice, December 26 in Tokyo. AP

Carlos Ghosn’s escape to Lebanon while on bail in Japan pending trial is “Unjustifiable”, according to a statement on Sunday January 5 from the Japanese Minister of Justice, the first of the Japanese government on this case.

“The criminal justice system in our country has proper procedures for establishing the truth in cases and is administered properly, while ensuring basic human rights. Flight of accused on bail is unjustifiable “said Minister Masako Mori.

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Interpol seizes

Japanese authorities have no record of leaving Carlos Ghosn’s territory, and he is therefore suspected of having used “Illegal means” to leave the country, she said. “It is extremely unfortunate that we have come to this situation” again lamented the minister. It also confirmed the cancellation of the bond of Carlos Ghosn and the issuance of a “Red notice” Interpol to request his arrest.

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The former boss of Renault and Nissan arrived in Lebanon last Monday in still troubled circumstances. He is suspected of having flown last Sunday from Kansai International Airport, near Osaka in a private jet, then of taking another one in Istanbul to fly to Beirut immediately.

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Suspected of various financial embezzlement, he was arrested in late November 2018 in Japan. After 130 days in prison, he had been on bail since the end of April 2019, with the formal ban on leaving the country pending his trial which was due to open this year.

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