Japan Survey: If CCP Invades Taiwan, More than 70% of Respondents Are Against Sending in Self-Defense Forces

The Japan Public Welfare Foundation “News and Communications Investigation Association” released a survey result. Nearly 80% of Japanese respondents feel a sense of crisis about the situation in Taiwan; The US military joins forces against the Communists. The survey was conducted by the “News and Communications Investigation Committee” from August 26 to September 13 this year, and a total of 2,993 Japanese people over the age of 18 responded.

Japanese Survey: If the CCP invades Taiwan, more than 70% of respondents are against sending in the self-defense forces.

When asked “whether they feel uncomfortable about Japan being attacked by other countries,” Japan’s Jiji News Agency reported that 76 percent of respondents thought they were “very uncomfortable” or “generally uncomfortable”, which was much higher than “general uncomfortable”. 21% feel uncomfortable” or “not at all”.

A total of 79% of respondents had a “very sense of crisis” or “generally a sense of crisis” about the situation in Taiwan.

Once mainland China forcibly invaded Taiwan, only 22 percent of respondents expressed “agree” or “generally agree” with Japan’s sending self-defense forces to join forces with the US Army to fight the Communist Army; while those who were “against” or “generally against” The total number of visitors is 74%.

Regarding the use of US military bases as logistical support and US military bases stationed in Japan, respondents’ opinions tend to be polarized.

As for the situation in Ukraine, 88% of respondents are generally worried; as for channels to receive information, private TV stations including official websites account for 79%, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) includes official websites, accounting for 65%, and national websites newspapers include official websites accounting for 33%.

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The survey also affects media confidence: if you look at the full score of 100 points, NHK is in first place with 67.4 points, followed by national newspapers with a slight gap of 67.1 points, private TVs are in third place with 62.1 points and radio stations in fourth place with 55.1 points., Internet media in fifth place with 48.9 points.

In addition, this survey shows that the subscription rate of Japanese newspapers is 58%, down from 61% in the previous survey in 2021 and 88% in 2008 since the survey began, shows a downward trend year by year .

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