Japan intends to start vaccination with third dose in winter

Japan plans to start vaccination with third dose in December

The authorities will finance the vaccination campaign and make sure that it goes smoothly, the prime minister said.

Japan is planning to begin COVID vaccination with a third dose in December. About it informs Kyodo News on Tuesday 12 October.

“We will be preparing to start the third dose from December,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishidu said.

According to him, the authorities will cover the costs of vaccination with the third dose and will try to make the vaccination campaign go smoothly.

Recall that earlier UN Secretary General calls for global vaccination… António Guterres advocated a complete worldwide immunization of the population and at the same time, in his opinion, it is necessary to solve the problem of writing off the debts of states.

The study also showed that vaccination Reduces the risk of hospitalization and death by 90%… In France, the results of a large-scale study, which have been conducted since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the country, have been published.

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