Jans discovers a weak spot at PSV: ‘I have seen it before, for example against PAOK’

Ron Jans has often noticed that PSV is playing a poor second half. That was according to the trainer FC Twente also the case on Saturday. His team came back in the second half and drew 1-1.

PSV played a strong first half, but did not drop in the second for the first time this season. That gave Twente the opportunity to turn its back and eventually also come to the same level. “I think PSV has enormous potential”, says Jans in The Telegraph.

Jans points to the corona infections at PSV, the transfer window and a new trainer with the accompanying new way of playing. “You saw the latter very well in the first half. We had so little time on the ball that we could not keep the ball in the team and did not create any real chances for half an hour. We want to put very high pressure, but they were too good and played out under it. “

Jans decided to play more defensively in the second half. “In the second half the intensity at PSV went back. I have seen that before, for example against PAOK Saloniki, that the second half of PSV is sometimes much less. Now it was, because in the second half I thought we were at least equal. “

The Twente coach mainly looks at his own team and does not want to talk about the fitness of PSV. Jans points to the fact that he was the most changing trainer at the beginning of the season. “Because then we had six or seven players that we had to see if they were still holding up. Because they came later or never before in the Eredivisie had played. Now I can say: we are very fit. “

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