Jannat remembers her late father with these words… and the audience reacts!

Today, Tuesday, marks the fifth anniversary of the death of the father of the Moroccan artist, Jannat.

Jannat wanted to “remember his father with touching words and wrote:” The fifth anniversary of my father’s death. On this day, my support in the world and a piece of my soul died. Please pray for him with mercy.
The post received interaction from followers who shared it on their own pages and expressed their support for Jannat and their late father.
Jannat and her husband, on the other hand, celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a family photo accompanied by their two daughters, in their first appearance without hiding their features.
And Muhammad Othman sent a romantic message to his wife, commenting on the post, in which he said: “Every Eid is permissible, and you are kind and happy, O mother of girls… A good, good wife is a great means of subsistence”.

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