Jānis Domburs: Even with a diploma you can hurl on the ura – Relationships – Egoiste

When asked how it is possible to work in journalism for 30 years without a diploma, Domburs will answer succinctly: “The way I work.”

He will also tell you that he started his studies in the summer of the 1990s, which has been marked by events of national significance in the history of Latvia. In addition to studying journalism at the Faculty of Philology, he started working for the then leading newspaper Atmoda.

“There is the first session, there are barricades outside and OMON is torn. And you have to put the history of ancient literature. And you realize that you won’t do it – that you will be in it in the Dome Square and in all the other places. It was a choice between the reality that was already on the table and the diploma, which no one needed at that time, ”says Jānis Domburs in the program.


He also says openly: “There are two concepts to be distinguished: education and education. It is not that I do not read anything, it is not that I do not follow the news and do not educate. I’ve been doing it my whole life, ”adding that unfortunately, among his colleagues, there are also hobby journalists and some who do their homework. So, you can hurl up with a diploma. ”

Dombur has proven that he is not broken by threats or secret hints. He finds his way to everyone, Haritonov, Repše, oligarchs, swindlers and makes ordinary people in the countryside think critically. He is demanding and seeks depth and drama everywhere.

Armand Tripan’s talk show “Reserved” on Wednesdays at 22:00 on the channel 360TV “Own on Wednesdays”.


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