Jan Kačer was taken to hospital. He lies in cardiology in Motol

Director and actor Jan Kačer ended up in the hospital on Thursday. He has been suffering from problems with the circulatory system for a long time. In addition, his wife Nina Divíšková, whom he married 60 years ago, died this year.

Due to sudden nausea and long-term heart problems, the family of 85-year-old director Jan Kačer called an ambulance on Thursday. The duck was transferred to cardiology in Motol, Prague. The information was brought by the portal lightning.

“I’ll probably stay here for a while,” Kačer told Blesk directly from the hospital bed. In addition to health problems, Kačera is also bothered by the recent departure of his wife Nina Divíšková, who died in June this year at the age of 84. Kačer and Divíšková were married for almost 60 years.

Jan Kačer was born in 1936 in Holice in the Pardubice region. From 1954 to 1960 he studied at DAMU. He first appeared in film in 1959, but he also worked in theater. In addition to dozens of roles, he also tried directing, one of his most famous films is Day Seven, Eighth Night, in which Evald Schorm also participated as a director.




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