Jan Drahota from Česká zbrojovka: Last year’s profits were record-breaking. We will rename ourselves Colt CZ

Among other things, the acquisition of the legendary American company Colt is behind the good results. The whole company will now bear the famous name. Its management will propose a dividend of 25 crowns per share.

Holding CZG – Česká zbrojovka Group SE (CZG), which is a major European manufacturer of small arms, reported revenues of 10.7 billion crowns last year. They were 56.7 percent higher year on year. The group’s adjusted net profit after tax increased by 71.6 percent compared to 2020 to 1.161 billion crowns. The Board of Directors will propose to the General Meeting the payment of a dividend of CZK 25. This year, the company expects further revenue growth aa is also preparing to rename the group to Colt CZ Groupthe company said.

Jaroslav Míl: Europe in energy has ruined what it could. We will pay dearly for it

A year ago, Jaroslav Míl was the government’s commissioner for the core. Among other things, he was in charge of the completion of the nuclear units in Dukovany. But allegedly because he did not want to release the Russian Rosatom for the strategic project, the then Minister of Industry Karel Havlíček removed him from office, the second version was that he did not receive a security check. Mil was also the head of CEZ in the past. He is one of the few people who understands the nooks and crannies of energy policy in detail. According to him, the current Russian war in Ukraine will hit us hard, we have to prepare for bad times. But the situation is not hopeless.

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According to the chairman of the CZG board Jan Drahota, last year’s holding results were record-breaking. They reflected the increase in sales in all regions, as well as the acquisition of Colt and the consolidation of its revenues into CZG’s overall operations since last year, May 21. The company sold 627,472 weapons last year, up from 467,463 a year earlier. The increase was 34.2 percent.

Adjusted EBITDA adjusted for extraordinary effects associated with the acquisition of Colt CZG increased by 49.6 percent year-on-year to almost 2.169 billion crowns. EBITDA is the economic result before interest, taxes and depreciation. In 2021, the group released CZK 651.9 million for investments, up 98.1 percent year-on-year.

According to Drahota, CZG expects a further increase in revenues and EBITDA for this year. According to the company’s management, revenues should be between 14.4 and 14.8 billion crowns, EBITDA could reach three to 3.3 billion crowns.

Joe Biden, US President

Putin wants to use chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, says Biden

Russia’s false accusations that Kyiv has biological and chemical weapons show that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering using them in Ukraine. US President Joe Biden said this on Monday without presenting any evidence. Biden also confirmed that the Russian army used Kinjal hypersonic missiles on Saturday.

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Two-day in the amount of 25 crowns, three times compared to the previous year

According to Drahota, global sales strategies and focus on products and research and development support revenue growth while maintaining profitability and at the same time create long-term value for CZG investors. “Our management generates strong cash flow, we continue to invest in production capacity, products and expertise, “Said the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The General Meeting shall propose a dividend payment of CZK 25 per share, which is three times as much as last year’s CZK 7.50.

Last year ‘s revenues in The US accounted for 58.5 percent of the holding’s total revenues. The share of 9.9 percent fell on Europe without the Czech Republic, which accounted for 7.7 percent of total revenues. Another seven percent were in Africa, 6.8 percent in Asia, 5.2 percent in Canada and about five percent in other countries.

Jan Palaščák

Jan Palaščák: No one has done as much for Putin as speculators in the energy market

He has been working in the energy sector for 15 years. He is a long-time opponent of speculation in energy markets. At present, Jan Palaščák is building the Amper group, in which, among other things, he is developing the fintech energy start-ups CO2IN and Amper Meteo. In the role of advisor, he is a member of the Climate Commission of the Capital City of Prague, which is currently facing problems in purchasing energy. “It’s been almost a year since gas prices started to rise dramatically. Those who have not bought 90 to 100 percent of future consumption in advance have a big problem today, “Palaščák points out.

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The holding’s revenues in the Czech Republic last year rose to 821.7 million crowns compared to the previous 327.4 million, according to the company this was due to the acceleration of supplies to the army in the second half of the year. Revenues from sales in the USA rose by almost 39 percent to 6.3 billion crowns last year, mainly due to an increase in demand on the commercial market and the consolidation of Colt.

CZG includes the Česká zbrojovka plant from Uherský Brod, as well as Colt´s Manufacturing Company, Colt Canada Corporation, CZ-USA, 4M Systems and CZ Export Praha. The holding also holds a minority stake in Spuhr i Dalby, a Swedish manufacturer of optical mounting solutions for weapons. The group employs more than 2,000 people in the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden.

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VW electric cars

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