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Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov no longer form a couple. The singer experiences a breakup with her daughter’s father very emotionally, and Jan Bendig’s best friend is a great support for her in a difficult moment. What did her colleague from Superstar reveal about the break-up of Bagárová’s relationship?

Monika Bagárová announced her breakup with Makhmud Muradov the day after Christmas. The singer was attacked by fans about her relationship with the wrestler and why she doesn’t spend the holidays with her family. The Superstar star therefore decided to confirm what the sparrows on the roof were talking about.

“Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, even though you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you that we’re no longer family. Mainly because you were at our beginning, also at the birth of our Rumins and I know a lot of you have kept our fingers crossed, Mach and I have broken up for many reasons, but we will both try to ensure that Rumins do not have a smile and joy in life in my life. “something that hurts and it’s not easy to talk about. It’s never been more for me than love and family. I openly admit that I need time to get together,” Bagárová wrote on Instagram, saying that she would be silent for a while. on social networks.

Little Rumie’s proud mother has a hard time breaking up a relationship because she puts her family first. But Jan Bendig is convinced that Monika can do everything without a partner.

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She would kill me if I revealed something

Jan Bendig is one of Monika Bagárová’s closest friends. Since the time of Superstar, this pair has been united by an inseparable bond, which is confirmed even in difficult moments.

“Monica and I are calling, we’re writing, we’re saying everything, but she’d kill me if I betrayed something. All I can tell you is that the two of us have been on trial forever, she can count on me. web Extra.

“Monika Bagárová is the strongest person in the world, Ruminka is her engine that drives her on. But I really don’t want to say more. I just admire her terribly. She handles it wonderfully. She’s my mom of the year, and what’s more, the mom of all other years. At the same time, he’s a very strong man.

I don’t know anything about infidelity

The real reasons for the breakup between Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov are constantly speculated. One version is the wrestler’s alleged infidelity. According to some sources, Mach managed to get another family in his native Uzbekistan. But Bendig claims that this is gossip.

“I haven’t really heard anything like that. Now, of course, different things will be whispered, because people are analyzing it, but I wouldn’t give it much weight,” says Bagar’s friend.

The beautiful juror Superstar should even have friendly relations with her ex. “I have no problem with Mach at all. When I see him, I’ll greet him. Relationships sometimes end. But he’s still the father of my best friend’s child. I don’t think Monika has any problems with him either,” Bendig concluded.

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The relationship between Bagárová and Muradov lasted for three years


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