Jamie Foxx’s Mysterious Illness Linked to COVID Vaccine: Journalist Claims

American actor Jamie Foxx has had a mysterious illness during the past few months, and although he was discharged from the hospital, press reports recently indicated that his health has deteriorated.

Journalist AP Benza claimed that the actor’s health worsened after he suffered a stroke while filming one of his films; This led to his paralysis and partial blindness.

The journalist explained that a reliable source told him that the reason behind Jimmy’s mysterious illness was the Corona virus vaccine.

He pointed out that the star did not want to take the vaccine, but he was pressured by the makers of his new movie Back in Action, so he succumbed to the fait accompli.

None of the information covered in the report has been confirmed, despite the journalist’s insistence that he got the facts from an informed source and close to the Hollywood actor. (fuchsia)

2023-06-02 12:13:36

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