James Rodríguez is honored in New York by the Mets (video)

After being left out of the call of the Colombian National Team for the Copa América, James Rodríguez has made the most of his vacation period to get closer to other sports, different from football.

James Rodríguez is honored by the New York Mets

The cucuteño, likewise, He has uploaded several publications playing basketball on his different social networks. He also attended the New York Mets game this Sunday, who received him with all the honors.

“Welcome,” the baseball team wrote to James, who shared that story and commented in English, “Thank you for having me today. It is an honor”.

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In the middle of the game, The New York team paid a small tribute to the Colombian midfielder and projected the goal that scored Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup on the giant screen of the Citi Field stadium. where the scorer came out.

That annotation, which is 7 years old this June 28, served for the Colombian National Team to eliminate the Charruas and qualify for the quarterfinals for the first time. In addition, Rodríguez was awarded the FIFA Puskas Award.

The New York Mets, one of the most important franchises in the MLB, also gave James Rodríguez a team jersey with the number 10. Here are the images of the cucuteño at Citi Field.



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