James Harden renewed with Philadelphia 76ers: salary, amount, extension and details of the new contract

After do not use your renewal option automatic for 2022-2023, James Harden agreed to a new contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. It will extend for two years by $68.6 millionan average of $34.3 million annuallywhich is below the 47.4 million that he had as a player option for the next season with the Sixers.

In this way, Harden helped the Sixers gain some wiggle room in Free Agency and be able to touch up their squad for 2022-2023.

“I had conversations with Daryl (Morey, GM of Philadelphia), and he explained to me how we could improve and what the market value of certain players was. I told Daryl to improve the team, to sign whoever was needed and to give me the money that was left over.Harden explained.

“That’s how much I want to win. I want to compete for a championship. That’s all that matters to me right now. I am willing to accept less money to put ourselves in a position to achieve it.”.

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Philadelphia invested that money in the incorporation of PJ Tucker, one of the best defenders in the NBA, who had shared a team with Harden on the Houston Rockets. He also joined as a free agent Danuel Houseanother small forward known to Harden on the Rockets.

In exchange, La Barba keeps the player option to have the opportunity to leave as a free agent at the end of the 2022-2023 season if you wish. Full details about the deal are not yet known.

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What is James Harden’s contract with the Philadelphia 76ers?

Season Salary Age
2022-2023 33 million 33
2023-2024 35.6 million (player option) 34

James Harden stats with Philadelphia 76ers

parties average points average bounces Average assists % TC %T3
regular season 21 22,5 7,1 10.5 40,2% 32,6%
Playoffs 12 18,6 5,7 8,6 40,5% 36,8%

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