James Harden: “I wanted to be surrounded by guys who want to win”

James Harden has landed on Philadelphia 76ers with only one goal: to win the championship. La Barba has spoken to the press since his notorious transfer of the last market closure and has wanted to make it very clear that she comes to accompany Joel Embiid to get the first Pennsylvania title in forty years: “To me this makes all the sense in the world. It is time to be surrounded by guys who I know want to win and I know they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The structure of this franchise is incredible.”

Harden, who in a season and a half at the Brooklyn Nets was barely able to play 16 games alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, is very clear about his goal with his new jersey and why he will be able to achieve it: “Winning a title is the goal That’s the goal. Like Daryl Morey says, ‘the chance to win is now’. Joel is playing at his best level ever. So my job is going to be to go out there and help him and the whole team win. a championship this year and the following years.

His departure from the Nets

about his departure from Brooklyn Nets, James Harden hinted that the positioning of Kyrie Irvnig not to get vaccinated. This is how he says that Kyrie’s decision had an impact on the New York team: “Very little, to be honest. Obviously I am a friend of Ky and it is still a personal decision of his. But it is clear that it had an impact on the team, because Kyrie, Kevin Durant and I barely played 16 games together. Here in Philly I have the opportunity and I’m going to try to take advantage of it.”

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