James Franco – the actor who admitted that he suffers from sexual …

About four years ago, James Franco disappeared from public view. One of Hollywood’s most original actors, directors and producers has been accused of sexually assaulting five women and overthrown by his colleagues.

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Now, at 43 and after years of therapy, Franco admits that he really slept with his students.

“When I was teaching acting at my school, I slept with my students and it wasn’t right. But that’s not why I opened the school. And I didn’t choose the people to study there – it wasn’t my secret plan,” he said. in Jess Cagel’s podcast on SiriusXM.

Franco also admits that since 2016 he has undergone sex addiction therapy. “It’s a powerful drug. And the most insidious thing about the whole thing is that I was absolutely sober – I didn’t lick alcohol,” said the actor, who also treated alcoholism years ago.

With his current girlfriend Isabel Pazkad

Source: GettyImages: With his current girlfriend Isabel Pazkad

James continues with the revelations and says that he cheated on absolutely all his girlfriends before the current one – Isabel Pazkad, with whom he has been dating since 2017, after he started his therapy.

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